BNI Educational Moment – Keep Momentum With You Contact Spheres


Lorelle: Are you able to converse about contacts here with needles in your head. Okay.

Jon: So are you ready?

Lorelle: Yes I’m ready.

Jon: Good morning everyone. I’m here with Lorelle Saxena of The Saxena Clinic.

Lorelle: I’m so excited.

Jon: She just stuck needles in me. That actually didn’t hurt at all.

Lorelle: You received it very well.

Jon: I received it very well and I’m still receiving it very well.

A Few Moments Earlier…

Lorelle: Would you like some needles in your face?

Jon: You really want to put needles in my face?

Lorelle: I really want to put needles in your face.

Jon: I’m not sure how to take that but yeah sure go ahead. Let’s put a needle in my face.

Lorelle: Okay, alright. So this is just rubbing alcohol. We’ll do that first. And I’m going to do some in your ears. Okay. Let’s do one in the very top of your head too.

Jon: The top of my head?

Lorelle: Yeah. This point is called Bai Hui. It translates to 100 convergences because all of your meridians converge there. It should make you feel very calm. Do you feel calm.

Jon: Yes.

Lorelle: You look calm.

Jon: I am calm.

Lorelle: You look very…

Jon: I’m

Lorelle: Look you can hardly see the needles in there.

Jon: No you can’t, have to see them up close.

Lorelle: There’s a little thing like a little, yeah. Okay.

Jon: So I was talking with Chris Pennock yesterday about this next year coming up and one of the things that he thought we really needed to focus on was our Contact Spheres because our Contact Spheres are going really really well right now.

Lorelle: Yes they are.

Jon: Pretty much across the board.

Lorelle: That’s great.

Jon: And so I thought we should talk about what is a Contact Sphere compared to what’s a Power Partner.

Lorelle:` Okay.

Jon: And maybe you talk a little bit about what’s happening in your Contact Sphere and how it works.

Lorelle: We have an awesome contact sphere. Cherri Pedrioli is doing a wonderful job coordinating the health and wellness team within the chapter and also coordinating health and wellness professionals from all over the county, particularly in complementary medicine but really across the board. Getting together a lot of open minded health professionals who are very referral oriented and ready to work with one another in a collegial and noncompetitive way which I think if really the basis of contact spheres.

Jon: So there’s a couple of things there. I mean first of all it seems to work, and Chris Pennock, of Calendar Robinson Insurance brought this up yesterday, it seems to work really well, the contact spheres, if somebody takes charge. If there is somebody who is kind of leading it, sort of an informal but leader of the group and that’s kind of what’s happened in our marketing sphere. David Comfort has done a fantastic job of making sure we’re all corralled and online when our meeting comes up.

Lorelle: Yeah, yeah he’s awesome.

Jon: And then the other point he said there was it doesn’t have to be limited to just BNI.

Lorelle: No not at all. It’s a big world

Jon: No, you can reach out. And so the idea of a contact sphere is that you’ve got people in professions that are complementary but not competing. So in your contact sphere you’ve got chiropractor, you’ve got energy healing person. So that seems to be the two different things that are making things really pop right now for our group.

Lorelle: Right.

Jon: So what do you think we got to do to keep the momentum?

Lorelle: That’s really, I think it’s really, I think just keeping in mind, keeping that momentum is really important. I think it’s really easy for… it would be really easy for me to say oh Cherri’s got this or Scott Patton is just going to keep sending me people and first of all not pick up my part of that project and also to kind of, it’s really easy to rest and think I can just coast. But really every single person in a contact sphere needs to be pulling their weight for the contact sphere to be productive. So momentum is really, I think Mike (3.57 sp) has a really good thing about this and relates to bike riding. Momentum is really a lot harder to get up to than to maintain. So it’s really important for us all to remember to maintain our momentum right now.

Jon: I like the analogy it’s like an airplane. It takes a lot of fuel to get off the ground, but once it’s up it soars.

Lorelle: Right exactly. So we just got to stay up there. Stay at altitude.

Jon: Let’s stay up there where the needles are.

Lorelle: Right up here.

Jon: Thank you very much.

Lorelle: Thank you Jon, that was so fun. Am I going to be famous now? How long until I’m famous?

Jon: At least 15 minutes. Are you ready?

Lorelle: Yes.

Jon: 3…2…1 Have a great week!

Lorelle: Yay. That was so fun.