BNI Educational Moments – Avoid Awkward Introductions


Jon: Good morning Next Level. Jon Sooy here with Andy Springer from Asentiv. I almost called you Jerry Springer.

Andy: That’s okay, Juan.

Jon: That’s a completely different show. With Andy Springer, and you know I want to tell a quick story about something that happened a couple weeks ago. I was a good BNI boy and I stood up and I asked for a specific referral to a specific person in a specific company, because specific is terrific. And so I asked this specific, for this specific introduction, and three people came up to me and all three of them sort of had mediocre, tenuous, connections to this particular individual.

And so, I could tell they wanted to help me but they weren’t quite sure how they could possibly introduce me to this person, and that’s happened to me many times. And I was having a conversation with Andy and Zach Mesel from Wooden Spoon Technologies after the meeting, and got some great advice on it. And the master of scripting here, he’s a scriptionary, he basically gave a perfect example of how to do that when you don’t have a great connection to the person that you’re trying to introduce your fellow BNI member to. So what I thought we’d do here is we would role play, and I’ll pretend like I’m Steve Martin.

Andy: Do you have something you could do to make a prop or something?

Jon: Yeah, so I’m Steve Martin.

Andy: Yeah, nice prop.

Jon: And one of you in the audience there knows Steve Martin sort of tenuously, and Andy Springer stood up and asked for an introduction to Steve Martin. So, he’s going to show us what you should say, and then we’ll talk about it.

Andy: Okay. Hey Steve, it’s good to see you. Man, that was a fantastic show, I got to tell you.

Jon: I’m a wild and crazy guy.

Andy: You are wild and crazy. I got to tell you. So, I was in a meeting the other day and someone was talking about the kind of people they like to work with, the kind of people that bring them pleasure and profit and honestly I thought about you. I thought of how this could really help you Steve, in your business and where you’re trying to go with it. This gentleman was talking about these people he wants to work with. They’re funny. They love to do crazy and wild things and as he’s talking, he’s talking about you. And I’m like picture, ah, Steve, this would be fantastic for him.

So I just wanted you to know I was thinking about you and I thought if you were interested, I would like to introduce you to this person. I trust them. I know they won’t do anything to be, you know, crazy with you. They might be crazy with you, but I was just wondering what you might think about me going to them and letting them know you’d like to sit down with them. I would be glad to be in the meeting with you, if that helps, but you can tell me what’s going on for you with that.

Jon: Beautiful. So, I believe Steve would say yes to that, you know, because what you did there is you basically broke down, you broke it down and made it simple. You made the introduction about Steve. You didn’t make the introduction about you and your fear of trying to connect or failing at trying to connect to the fellow BNI member with this particular business owner. It’s simple. You’d basically just ask for permission. You’d say hey, you know what? Your name came up in a meeting the other day. This person brought you up and was talking about you. He sounds like he would really like to meet you. Can I connect you two? He had some really interesting things to say about you and your company.

Andy: Yeah. And here’s what I found. If I’m real clear about it was my experience and I’m just sharing, you are sharing and experience with this person that just happened to be something that triggered you about them. They love hearing that. People love to hear stories.

Jon: Sure.

Andy: So, if you can share that story and then let them know from the heart, I was thinking about you and I really thought this would be a help to you. It’s important that the presentations about them and their purposes, not my purposes.

Jon: Awesome. Cool.

Andy: Yeah. Thanks for asking.

Jon: Mr. Springer. Thank you very much for doing this. And now we’re going to say have a great week.

Andy: Alright.

Jon: So, on three, two, one we’ll say have a great week.

Andy: Okay.

Jon: Three, two, one….

Have a great week!