BNI Educational Moment – Good Referral Mojo NextDoor


We’ve done some talking about how we can help one another outside of just giving referrals. Many of these options are online, of course. For example.. Giving reviews for other members on sites like Yelp, Google, Angie’s list, Facebook…etc.

And then … last week our own Tara Winkler mentioned during the I have portion that she shared some recommendations on Nextdoor. I noticed a collective…. Um… ‘what the heck is this crazy lady talking about?’

Well.. she’s not crazy… or at least not about NextDoor.

Next door is a private social network for your neighborhood. So.. only people in your immediate area can join. Cool. I’ve been watching this thing evolve over the past few years and it’s growing very rapidly now.

I applaud Tara for her use of it and I think all of us can use it to help increase referrals in our chapter. She has given a few pretty good leads that turned into referrals to members of our chapter. How? Well.. on Nextdoor it is quite common for others to ask for recommendations for services. For example, one person asked for a ‘tree guy’ and Tara recommended Alan Hannum. He got the gig.

So.. what I am going to do is give you a quick overview of the service and show you how you can use it to stir up a heaping helping of good referral mojo.


  1. Philip

    Actually, I understand that referring a business in response to a specific Nextdoor post which asks for such a business IS INDEED A BNI REFERRAL. It is the same as giving someone a business card when that person asks about a particular product or service.

    • Jon Sooy

      I agree Philip… it’s the same as if you met someone for the first time and they asked for a specific product or service.