BNI Educational Moment – Contact Spheres – Get your ZOOM ON!


Contact Spheres are a critical component when a chapter starts to gain a lot of members. The Next Level is in this situation and before I give you a hot geeky tip on how you can carve out a little more time for another meeting, I want to review why contact spheres are important.  

Here is why contact spheres are important to The Next Level as we grow:

  • More people in the chapter might possible make it feel less intimate… that is more difficult to get to know so many people. A contact sphere brings back the intimacy of a smaller chapter.
  • Creates an environment for collaboration.
  • Helps you to hone your message for your fellow sphere members as you are talking to your customers.
  • More referrals: Trust me when I say that this is very true. Once our marketing sphere started meeting regularly… and we meet once a week, the number of referrals has skyrocketed.

In essence… if you imagine each ring of the Olympic Circles is a contact sphere, they all combine together to make a gold medal chapter.

Now… our chapter has done a remarkable job over the past few years to encourage a culture that includes healthy and thriving contact spheres.

So, what is the biggest objection people have about setting up another meeting on their calendars??
Yep…. TIME.

I happen to be a perfect example…  a 1 hour meeting in santa rosa or petaluma takes me on average 2 hours and 15 minutes because of the commute. It would be great if you all lived in sebastopol and were minutes away but that’s not how things worked out.

But… what if there was a way for you to meet from the comfort of your very own office? There is… and the Marketing Sphere is doing it weekly.

It’s called ZOOM and it’s free. You only get 45 minutes on the free version but hey… it’s free. The marketing sphere uses the premium version so that we can have more time.

Here’s how it works.

You have a computer with a webcam. Most webcams have a built in microphone that is more than sufficient for this type of call. Most newer laptops have a built in camera and microphone. At the time of your call… you click the link from the invitation sent to you via email and it opens up the Zoom program. You enjoy the interaction with your fellow sphere members and save yourself valuable time by not having to travel to a meeting place.

This Zoom thing opens up the possibility of belonging to more than one sphere, if it is appropriate. For example, maybe the insurance folks in the group might want to make their own sphere of insurance and then 1 or 2 of those members might want to be part of the financial sphere? Maybe? How about an attorney sphere? Automotive?

I could go on and on about the potential here… and rest assured: We understand that we do have some… um…. Technically challenged folks {pebcak image} but we can overcome that if you are willing to learn. Oh… and by the way, the entire marketing sphere has offered support to help you get started on Zoom.

See your Growth Coordinator to learn more about Zoom and how to get your contact sphere started!

Have a great week.